Fake drug advert could position to new Eminem album named Revival

A mysterious advert for a bogus drug called Revival has sparked rumours that its element of a complex marketing and advertising campaign for a new Eminem album.

The typeface for the drug's title has the letter E backwards, a single of Em's signatures.

The website jokingly claims "You must go over the potential benefits and dangers of REVIVAL with your doctor or clergyman.

"REVIVAL is a non-narcotic medicine intended for every day use that can be taken with or with out food."

It provides: "Notify your medical doctor about all wellness situations, like if you: Have a background of confusion or inadequate judgment."

But here's the biggest hint absolutely...

"With Revival, I is not going to waste my one shot," claims an actor in a limited movie on the web site, which is a clear reference to the hip hop star's 8 Mile basic Drop Your self.

There's undoubtedly a great deal for Em to rap about, based mostly on his incendiary freestyle assault on the politics of US President Donald Trump before this month.

His final album was 2013’s The Marshall Mathers LP two.

bigg boss 11 On Tuesday, he was awarded much more than £300,000 by a New Zealand a political social gathering who ripped off Lose Yourself for an election advert, so we hope the, ahem, Revival drug firm have experienced the references cleared.

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